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Modern House

$ 70/day

1 bd / 1 ba / 100 Sq Ft


Family Home

$ 100/day

4 bd / 3 ba / 2700 Sq Ft


Modern Apartment

$ 100/day

3 bd / 3 ba / 1450 Sq Ft


Elegant Studio Flat

$ 70/day

1 bd / 1 ba / 100 Sq Ft

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wawbnb is a niche market in the hotel industry with a strong history and typically positive performance. wawbnb is lodging with a twist.

wawbnb is a user friendly internet portal for connecting travelers and innkeepers, historic inns, boutique hotels, guest houses and other small lodging properties.

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Unique Listings


Awesome Chalet

$ 90/day
Duplex Chalet in Laqlouq

Bedrooms: 2 / Baths: 2 / Sq Ft: 150 


Modern Apartment

$ 120/day
Sassine Square

Bedrooms: 3 / Baths: 2 / Sq Ft: 1450 


City Center Apartment

$ 180/day
Solidere, Beirut

Bedrooms: 2 / Baths: 1 / Sq Ft: 450 


Gorgeous Studio Flat

$ 90/day
Monot Street

Bedrooms: 1 / Baths: 1 / Sq Ft: 150 


Luxury Condo

$ 100/day
Hamra Street

Bedrooms: 2 / Baths: 2 / Sq Ft: 725


Glamorous House

$ 150/day
Adma Main Street

Bedrooms: 3 / Baths: 2 / Sq Ft: 1450 

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Browse high quality listings, apartments and condos, different locations and sizes, apply online and sign your lease just by talking to one of our agents. 


Luxurious houses and townhouses, for those who enjoy the finer things in life. Sophisticated spaces featuring high-end finishes and exclusive amenities.


Chalets near the beach or up the mountains. We know a thing or two about BNB and we make it easy to find your perfect fit. We make you feel like family. Let us help!

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We know how to create the climate that you seek when shopping for B&B lodging.  We offer the convenience and luxury to enable individuals or small groups to locate the perfect setting for whatever mood or activity one is pursuing (reading, watching television, playing board games, etc…).

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